I suffered burnout from agency culture. I felt smothered by companies that didn't value flexible work schedules and paid lip service to culture. I got tired of working 80-hour weeks and I soon learned that my best work doesn't happen when I'm chained to a desk. 

So I started a company where I wanted to use my two decades of experience, missteps, adventures, and education to other women. Executives, founders, ambitious women coming up in their careers--I want to amplify through voice through great stories and smart marketing. 


At Phoebe & Kate, I tell stories that are worth sharing. 

How did I get to the name? It's odd, really. One day I realized that Phoebe Caulfield was one of the first powerful women in fiction I'd encountered and 32 years later I published a book with another compelling woman--Kate. I want to bookend my company and life using powerful women. It's as simple as that. 

My Difference                                           Are we a match?

What I won't promise you:

  • Instant fans and sales. Think about it from the perspective of you being a customer. Do you BUY INSTANTLY from a brand when they advertise with you? Relationships and real growth take time. If you’re looking to “go viral” or get a $1MM of sales with a $500 budget, we’re probably not the best fit.
  • Every campaign has a direct ROI or a direct connection to sales. If someone tells you this, RUN. Not all marketing levers drive direct return. Some help with brand health and love. Others have a “long-tail” effect on revenue. You will keep performance measures for every aspects of a strategy, but not all of them will direct to sales, and they shouldn’t.

What I will promise you:

  • Smart solutions for your business. I will use my experience, knowledge, and network to make sure you have a bespoke plan that will solve your business or brand problems. I’m in the solutions business.
  • Clear ways you can clearly measure success for our work together.
  • Hard work, responsiveness, professionalism, a can-do attitude, creative energy, and verve.
  • An incredible ride.

Before you slide into my DMs, inbox, etc., because you blinded by the light that is Felicia (I had to throw in ONE third-person reference!), make sure that I'm the right fit for you. Over the course of a two-decade career, I've seen and experienced it all, and I know there are groups of clients where I really shine and deliver the best value. 

I'm not for you if you're:

  • ...a company with under 5 employees. I work with a lot of incredible start-ups and small businesses, but I'm expensive because I'mSoWorthIt.com and it never feels good when someone wants the luxury car on a Pinto budget. Nearly all my engagements start in the 4-figure range.

  • ...looking for new leads. Lots of people conflate sales and marketing and they are two distinct, yet related, disciplines. I can help you nurture those leads and convert them to sales, but I'm not in love with cold-calling, funnels, etc. 

  • ...the kind of person who thinks marketing is a "nice to have" or you believe every marketing campaign has to have a direct ROI. (see the flipside of this page). 

  • ...in need of a web designer or a logo. We live in an age where people think brand development means creating a logo. It does not. A logo is an integral part of a brand's visual identity (the way a brand visually expresses themselves, as a result of BRAND DEVELOPMENT work--positioning, purpose, customer, etc.)

  • ...believe everything can be done in 5 minutes for 5 dollars. For further detail, please read this