We suffered burnout from agency culture We felt smothered by companies that didn't value flexible work schedules and paid lip service to culture. We tired of working 80-hour weeks and we soon learned that no one's creative when chained to their desks. 

So founder Felicia Sullivan started a new company staffed by committed, talented & connected women at the top of their game. She wanted left-brainers & right-brainers sitting side-by-side: brand strategists, graphic designers, digital marketers, illustrators, photographers, writers and data analysts. 


At Phoebe & Kate, we tell stories that are worth sharing. 

We're creatives, curators, builders, and proud idealists who want to make a dent in the world with the stories we tell and the brands we build by merging art & science, image & type. We speak English, not jargon. We're not the shiny new objects and we don't live or die by fickle algorithms. We're rooted in storytelling, driven by discipline, and checked by data. 

Our Difference

Agency Prowess at Home Office Prices

Combined, our network has over a half-century of experience. We have relationships with every social network, tastemakers, and influence management companies. 

Diverse Group of Women

We're owned and operated by a diverse (age, culture, race, skill-set) group of women. We've built brands and crafted stories that put consumers on pause. 

Tailored Teams

We'll assemble a team that matches your in terms of personality, style, and skill-set. We don't cobble together teams based on bandwidth, rate cards or what's lucrative for our margins. 

Deliberately Discerning

We'll never work on more than 3 clients at a time & we don't open our door at every knock. We're focused on your challenge and devising a solution.