We don't exist without stories.

Think about it. When it's your first day on the job and you survive the icebreakers. When you sit across from the person who will change your life in ways you hadn't imagined. You start every journey with a story in the hopes that it'll leave a mark, that someone will be able to visualize your memory simply by your retelling of it. 

Marketing is fundamentally based on selling the story about the product rather than the actual product. Marketers sells you on the way your life could be if only you purchased their product. The best ones make you stop & stare. You look at an ad, a photograph, or a video and you think: I want to be like her, like them, and you consider the product the vehicle to get you to the place where you can tell a similar story.  


In an age when our devices are our appendages and every shack on the block will awe you with seemingly smart words like growth hacker, ninja, or synergy platform, you suddenly leave a meeting in need of a translator. 

Storytelling is supposed to be simple. Yet we live in an age where unnecessary complexity seems to be the norm.