Six years ago, I left a job that was slowly killing me. Sure, I had a fancy title, airline miles, and a sweet apartment in New York, but I was miserable. I gained 30 pounds, I was physically ill, and I wasn’t my best self. I spent my waking hours chained to a desk and my sleep was plagued with nightmares about being chained to said desk. So I made the leap. I went out on my own, and I haven’t looked back. In the past six years, I’ve made some big mistakes but also some remarkable accomplishments. I published my second book, I made more $ working fewer hours, and I’ve done some of the best work of my career.

You deserve to live your best life and I want to show you how.

Now, this isn’t some fluffy, #inspo read. I’m sharing 150+ pages of real, practical and tactical advice. From tutorials and how-tos to downloadable templates and swipe files, I’m sharing every aspect of launching your freelancing business from the legal and financial end and defining your offering and setting your pricing to getting that first client and dealing with the ones that maybe you shouldn’t have taken on.

Included in this ULTIMATE guide are:

  1. How to Get Started

    • Making the leap: Decide what you do, why you’re doing it, why you’re the one to do it, and who you want to do it for. You know, the basics.

    • Mastering the set-up: Financial, legal, and business how-to. We talk S-Corp vs. LLC, accounting, your website, bio, and so much more.

    • Defining your business and ideal client: Now we go deep into crafting your services, pricing your services, and defining and finding that dream client.

    • Articulate your pricing: We deep-dive into hourly vs. project rates, as well as a calculation to determine your rate.

    • Create your sales funnel: Don’t be scared. I’ll explain how to sell your services on autopilot. No Webster’s Dictionary required.

  2. How to Get That First Client

    • Write the tight cold pitch

    • Create a portfolio and case studies that will WOW the crowd

    • Own the intake call

    • The nightmare client: early detection

    • Craft a winning proposal (I have a 95% win rate, so I know things)

    • Deal with the awkward $ and negotiation conversations

    • Draft the contract

  3. How to Onboard a Client

    • Create your new client onboarding checklist

    • Create your new client magazine

    • Create your new client Discovery Q&A

  4. Making Work, Work

    • Beware of hustle culture

    • How to strike a balance when on vacation

    • Best time of day to get working and making decisions

    • Making sure you get paid every time, on time

    • Guiding clients to be GOOD clients

    • Dealing with scope creep

  5. How to Deal with Nightmare Clients

    • Don’t let clients get in your head

    • When and how to fire a bad client

    • What my worst clients taught me

  6. How to Market Yourself Without Marketing Yourself

    • How to market yourself

    • How to network if you hate leaving the house

    • How to create and own your IP (i.e., your smarts) online

    • How to use email marketing in your business

  7. How to Close the Relationship and Get Repeat Business

    • How to get testimonials and use them effectively

    • How to earn $ with side hustles during Sahara season

  8. And a pile of social media and marketing tutorial bonuses that will make you weep kittens

    Now, you’re probably thinking this will cost a million dollars. OH NO, my friends.

    I’m selling this 196 page guide for only $49. Yes, you get all my wisdom, 4 video tutorials, 3 audio tutorials, all my templates, all my how-tos, stories, and best practices for $49. That’s cheaper than a Barry’s Bootcamp class. So, if you’re interested in starting out in freelancing with every possible resource at your fingertips—saving you time, energy, heartache and a pile of cash—pre-order my guide now. I’m sending them out 5/1. Email me at felsull AT gmail DOT com if you have problems ordering!