Felicia C. Sullivan—Oh, hey! That’s me!

I published my first poem when I was six and I've been telling stories ever since. 

I believe in a different way of thinking about work. How we can forge connections between art and science so we can find new perspectives, new approaches, new solutions—all through the lens of one person with one story to tell. I believe in bringing our whole, authentic selves to our work. I’ve never fit in, and I suspect you don’t too.

Consider me the Jill of all trades: As a results-driven consumer marketer for two decades, I've transformed large corporations, non-profits, and start-ups in the digital space by merging what consumers want with smart data and compelling stories. At the core, I'm a creative who builds and grows brands and businesses. In the past decade, I've brought creative, jargon-free solutions to 60+ leading global brands in beauty, fashion, luxury, retail, CPG, and pharma. Most recently, I grew a small social agency from $1MM to $20MM in revenue in 3.5 years. Past clients include Target, Sears, Mattel, Proactiv, MAC Cosmetics, Aveda, Calvin Klein, Banana Republic, Novartis, and Gap Foundation. 

After 17 years of being chained to a desk and a laptop, I embarked on a freelance career, working with a broad range of clients across industry sectors. Not only have I deployed efficient organizational practices and marketing strategies for clients such as Panasonic, IHOP, Applebee's, TRIA, and MRM McCann, I've developed brand communication guidelines for clients such as Northwestern Mutual and LUUUP. For over a year, I planned, managed, and executed all the creative content for De'Longhi North America--from which my photography was showcased in global tradeshows. Cool, right? Pretty awesome for someone who picked up a camera and took pictures because I REALLY love food. At the end of the day, I'm here to listen to my clients and solve their problems without going grey in the process. 

When I'm not building brands and restructuring teams, I'm eating cheesy pasta. I've had two critically-acclaimed books published over the past decade, and in a previous life, I launched a non-profit to aid economically disadvantaged women in Brooklyn, published a critically-acclaimed literary magazine, and owned/operated an online luxury resale company. As you can see, I don't like sitting still and I'm a believer in the side hustle. I live in Los Angeles with my tabby cat, Felix. 

I hold degrees from Fordham and Columbia University. Portfolio available upon request.